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Backlinks | Why Backlinks Are Important ?

 Everyone knows about the advertisement and how advertising works similarly backlinks are perform. Like Advertisement which promotes any business, Brand, or Services for indirect growth of organization. Where, Backlink gives value to our online portal ( website, Blog ). In which Backlink performs like advertisement credential while promotes your writing or content through larger community platform. It may be a website, blog, YouTube Channel, Social Media, etc. I think from above example you may aware about what exactly backlink does or its basic need.  What is Backlink ? A link ( Hyper Link ) Directed from a web page point towards your website or blog. Backlink is an attribute which gives a specific path to a subject which is delivers appropriate information to redirect toward a specific a subject. How backlink generated ? A referral link is a kind of backlink where a link is shred on portal to promote any service or product. like that a referring link for any page or blog is know as
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All About SEO

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". It is a very crucial part of website building and also we can say that it is the most effective way to stand on the search results. Search Engine Optimization is based on the various strategical concept of the growing online presence of any website or blog. It is a conceptual process of the growing quantity of organic traffic through search results. As we know there are a number of publishers are publishing their content on the internet. Due to that, the competition between the related content increases gradually. So it is very difficult for the search engines to rank selected articles on top of the page. In that situation, SEO performs a vital role. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the process of building quality content by customizing its visual appearance & Backend Performance to enhance the quality and quantity of organic traffic. Learn More  How SEO Works? Search Engine Optimization is a digital strategy to prese

Beginner Guide to Create Blog (in 2021): How to Start a Blog

  We have seen in previous articles about what is blogging, different available blogging platforms, and their features. If you haven't read that article then get an overview first. In this article, we are going to understand a beginner guide on how you can create your own free blog. Also, we will provide you a full tutorial series so that you can able to create your blog from scrap to Monetize it. is the only recommendation for beginners from my side. so, we will get it into account to create our new blog. Why do we give first preference to bloggers? Everyone has that question if they don't know about the blogger platform . There are various reasons behalf of that we recommended it to new bloggers. Here, I listed some factors of selection for blogger, 1. No Coast Blogger provides you free service with google servers. It also offers a free subdomain so you don't need to spend any amount of money before starting your blogging carrier. 2. Easy interface If you ar

Features of blogger

Every service needs good features and reliability to stand ever popular in the customer's choice. is listed in one of such reliable services by google from almost the last 20 years due to its free and quality offering. If you have explored as many blogs on search engine then you will get found that there are various blogs are hosted by So, How the blogger get so popular? and what types of features they provide us? Is that your question, then do watch full article. We have covered in the last article about the best blogging platform and especially about free full-featured options, a separate article on Blogger . If you have not seen that article then go and read that article to learn some basics about it. Now, In this article, we are going to get an instant overview of the all features that blogger provides you without investing any penny. Features Of Blogger 1. Server The blogger is the Google product and it gives us a free server to host blogs. As it h

Best blogging platform 2021

Publishing an article is not that essay but good hosting and services make it simple. So having a good choice is better to grow your online presence.  We have seen what is blogging and related different Niche's in a previous article, by which you can write your own blog. But in today's article, we are going to get a brief discussion about the best few available blogging platforms in the market. There are various types of blogging platforms available in the market. Almost all the platform gives different sets of services with free beginner plan. So you can choose any one of the following as a free or according to your choice and proceed further to create your amazing website. Lets Brief discusses, what elements we need to consider while creating a blog? In general for creating an effective blog we need good hosting with user-friendly C- panel (Control Panel)  and domain name, those are basic things that required. Hosting Web hosting is a platform or service that allows you to cr


Blogging is a very wast or enormous topic and we can not get all of that information in a single article. To overcome it we have to prefer this article, In which I am going to give you a brief knowledge about one of the free blogging platform i.e. . The blogger is a full-featured free blogging service that allows you to create an amazing blogging website. Blogger was developed by 'Pyra Labs' On 23 August 1999, and which was brought by Google in 2003. What is Blogger? The Blogger is an online platform that allows users to publish multiple blogs with timestamp entries. It is around 20 years old service offered in almost every country. Services Offered by Blogger Blogger is hosted by google server, so you can consider it safe, and also it works with the subdomain that is "". Such a whole service offer by the blogger is free and you can manage it without paying any bucks. Custom Domain Blogger also provides a facility to their user by which user c

Blogging Niche

What is the blogging niche? while starting a blogging carrier as a personal or professional blogger we need to decide on a proper niche for future success. As you see many blogs or websites on the internet. But only some of them are very popular and have a position in blogging. So it is very crucial to decide the proper subject or niche for your blogging website. Your website niche is decided by your own potential to serve knowledge. This means you need to understand what you can do for your audience. Also, your skills, perspective, thinking, and your interest in a particular subject are matter. Why do we need to select a proper niche for the website? In the previous blog, I was saying that personal bloggers are working in multiple niches. It's true but you have to get in mind that if you work on a various different subject which has no interconnectivity then it is so difficult for your audience to understand your content. As my own survey and analysis state that the blog on a spe